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We love squats. We love Pizza. Honestly, who doesn’t? So we created a brand to find like-minded people to celebrate our common passion. That’s it. 

No, joke aside. Squats & Pizza is so much more.

We are enthusiasts of strength and physical culture.

But through this athletic journey we have built a passion which resembles for us an almost universal metaphor for life.

Ultimately we came to the conclusion that all of these underlying principles and virtues of this success are not limited by and to the particular field of sports only. Much more, it exemplifies our viewpoint for the ideal way to be in the world: To orient yourself as strong and independent individual which strives after the highest possible good you can conceive of: leave a positive and sustainable impact in the world in order to make it a better place.
Because ultimately there is nothing better to do.

So we have transformed these beliefs into a value and vision based company to help empower positive and lasting change in order create better lives for people worldwide now and in the future.

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